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Betty Leese
Compliance Officer 
Channel 4

As a semi-retired individual woman, I have been looking for ways to invest for full retirement.I found Rodney on the internet called him and arranged to meet with him face to face.

He discussed the risk in trading very clearly and I found out a lot more about his earlier businesses and his determination and drive to be the best in all he puts his mind to.​


There was no hard selling at our meeting and I was happy after 3 weeks of thought to invest  £3000 with Rodney over 1 year for 16% return.


Am very pleased with my investment and continue to invest in Rodney Long term.

Barry Brown

Former Producer,


Head of Programme

for the BBC

In the past 2+ years, Rodney has helped me remain in my own home whilst suffering from Parkinson’s.

I have been impressed by his financial acumen – his constant awareness of, his total dedication and preparation for his career as a currency trader, his real passion in life. This professional attitude and integrity to any task he undertakes no doubt stems from his earlier successes as the record-holding sportsman and business entrepreneur.


Consequently, I have invested in his current project by way of several deposits totaling £12,800.  By 12 April 2017, he had repaid the full amount with interest. I have total confidence in his innate skills and will be investing a further £7000.

My wife and have been friends with Barry Brown for 15 years. I was a GP in London who suspected he may have Parkinson’s, and since 2011 I have followed his gradual deterioration.


In 2015 Barry introduced me to Rodney. After speaking with Rodney and realizing his entrepreneurship to business, his intelligence, money management skills and enthusiastic "Keep it simple." approach to currency trading. It fascinated me.


So in 2016, I invested £5,000 with him for 10% pa.


I am so happy for this return on my investment of return, which I am aware would not find anywhere else. Now that I am fully retired, I intend to invest another £5,000 which in turn will now be bringing me 20%pa.

Dr. Paul Deakin

Angel Baran
Finance Officer
Thank you, Rodney, For the training to become an independent forex trader. All the information you sent to me I must say was very complex and difficult to get to grips with, however, with your patience and dedication and passion to teach I finally GOT IT!
And after just 10 days started to make a profit.
The great thing is if I still have questions or need advice on any of the things you have taught me
all I have to do is call you... A truly genuine and honest individual/friend
Thank you so much x
Nikola Vavrova
Duty Manager
Imagine Health Club
I met Rodney when he joined my health. As the months went by I realized what he did for a living and was intrigued... Although he now focuses on training individuals rather than investing funds for clients after a long chat with him he agreed to invest £2000 for me for 12 months for 30% pa!
I do not know of any bank that would give me such a return. And so far VERY VERY HAPPY WITH MY RETURN.
I will definitely be paying Rodney his fee to train me in 12 months.
His words to me -
"If you work hard on your job... you will make a living!...
"If you work hard on yourself you could make a fortune"!
Awaiting Testimonial +Pic
Natasha Yama
Ship Broker

        Paul Cox

     Former Waiter"

2019 Full time Trader

Thank you, Rodney, aka "hippo" For all your information, and guidance, teachings, and patience, with me. my cost to you has finally paid off. I feel much more in control of all my trades and now truly know and understand what it takes to be a full-time competent trader.


It has been a long 15 months but finally with your help resigned from my job of 5 years and now proud to call myself a full-time pro trader.


Knowing you are still at the end of the phone if I need more advice without extra cost is amazing. 


(A truly genuine teacher and friend)



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